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Nōu te rā, Māmā. A free printable+colourable card.

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Nōu te rā, Māmā. A free printable+colourable card.
Mother's Day is upon us again!
There's always a bit of tension in these days for us - not wanting to buy in to the idea that there is one specific day of the year where māmā (or pāpā) should be acknowledged, while also supporting wholeheartedly the whakaaro of showing love and appreciation for those in our lives who fill these important roles. 
Add to that this lockdown reality we're currently living in Aotearoa, and things can feel a bit weird, maybe a bit heavy, potentially some uncertainty, with an increased desire for connection, celebration and aroha. 
So with all that in mind, we are so excited to offer this free printable card as an option for whānau to tuku mihi (send love/acknowledgement) to those important humans in your life. One version specifically acknowledges māmā, while another version simply states 'nōu te rā' - this day is yours/for you.
On Sunday, this card may be for a māmā or the one who fills that important role in your whare/bubble. On any other day of the year these can be great for huritau (birthdays), graduations, anniversaries, or for a beautiful spontaneous show of affection and gratitude. 
If you haven't managed to organise a koha, we have another free printable rauemi here - a set of gift vouchers and gift tags, with some blank options to customise the vouchers if you'd prefer. 
We also have another free printable card here - which may have a message that resonates with some of you. 

These resources are free rauemi created in collaboration between Reo Māori Mai and Aho Creative- two Kāi Tahu whanaunga who have dreams of weaving reo, design and te ao Māori into everyday whānau life, in fun, practical and beautiful ways.

We hope that you and your whānau enjoy them, use them, share them, get crafty and make them your own. Showing and expressing your aroha doesn't have to cost you a thing, and in our experience, some genuine reflection and grateful words can mean the world. Ahakoa he iti, he iti nā te aroha. 


To download the free files to print, just enter your email in the box below and we'll send you the pdf's directly.