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    About Aho

    About Aho

    Aho, in Te Reo, means a cord, a string or a line. It is the weft in the weaving, the thread of our genealogy, our descent and our descendants.​ 

    Aho is a creative studio that explores connections between whenua (lands), peoples, cultures, indigineity and hybridity. We create products that celebrate an indigenous Aotearoa identity and aesthetic. It's our vision to fuse art with form and function. To create taonga, that tell our stories and reflect our whakapapa, into our everyday lived environments. 

    Our Kaupapa

    Our Kaupapa

    We strive to keep whakapapa- the connections between people, environments and processes at the centre of our philosophy, which means for us, seeking out and employing processes, practices and materials that are sustainable and that ensures a better future for the people and the environments involved. 

    We believe that our lands, resources and culture belong not only to us, but to our tamariki (children), and theirs'. Mō tātou, ā, mō kā uri ā muri ake nei  – For us and our children after us.

    Our Ethic

    Our Ethic

     As Kaitiaki (guardians) of this whenua, and planet, we've made a commitment to working with sustainable, ethically sourced, organic and natural fibres. We work with a team in India who practice fair trade and who share our aspirations for tino-rangatiratanga (self determination) for themselves and their whānau. We're committed to understanding our business practices from a whakapapa-lens. Learning and recognising our connection to the things we use and consume, their origins, whenua (lands), maunga (mountains), iwi (people) and kaitiaki (guardians)

    He Pānui

    • January 18, 2020 The whakapapa of our cotton : The Seed. Chapter 3
      The whakapapa of our cotton : The Seed. Chapter 3 In November 2019 we set out to India to document the whakapapa and the journey of our cotton from seed to product. This is the story of the seed and the farmers and whānau where the journey begins. 
    • January 09, 2020 Ko wai mātou? Who are we? Chapter 2.
      Ko wai mātou? Who are we? Chapter 2. A little about us, me, and how although I'd love to leave myself out of the AHO narrative, the journey and the fabric itself is interwoven and inextricable from my journey and the whakapapa of our whānau.  Here's a little about how we came to be where we are.
    • January 02, 2020 The pursuit of whakapapa - Chapter 1.
      The pursuit of whakapapa - Chapter 1.

      This is the first in our series about the whakapapa of our products. From whakapapa to concept. Concept to seed. Seed to fabric. Fabric to product. Product to home.

    • December 26, 2019 Boxing Day Sales- and why we're opting out.
      Boxing Day Sales- and why we're opting out.

      It's Boxing day!  And we're not having a sale. But you'd probably already guessed that. So we thought we'd explain why.
      See this hapu, they're the collective who provide our cotton. It's hard physical work. Growing a crop, harvesting it, fertilising it with homemade compost and depending on the seasonal rains to water it. There's no pesticide, irrigation or machinery here.


    • November 24, 2019 He Koha
      He Koha
      The silly season is upon us and we know how intense this time of year can be.
      So in the spirit of giving - and in the hopes of easing some of the pressure - we got together again with our friends at Reo Māori Mai and we've put together a couple of printable freebies we think you might like. 
    • September 27, 2019 Tuku mihi Free Printable Card
      Tuku mihi Free Printable Card

      'Kei te toka tū moana- mei kore ake koe?'

      Loosely interpreted, this card reads:
      ‘To the rock in the ocean who withstands storms-
      Where would I be without you?’

      This card is a free rauemi created in collaboration between Reo Māori Mai and Aho Creative- two Kāi Tahu whanaunga who have dreams of weaving reo, design and te ao Māori into everyday whānau life, in fun, practical and beautiful ways. Just head over to our website 'Rauemi/Resources' Page and download the files to print.
    • May 20, 2016 'Mā te Rā' - A free, printable handlettered karakia
      'Mā te Rā' - A free, printable handlettered karakia

      Mā te Rā- A karakia for integrating into everyday life. Creating tikanga or ritual that is woven into the fabric and philosophy life.