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    About Aho

    About Aho

    Aho, in Te Reo, means a cord, a string or a line. It is the weft in the weaving, the thread of our genealogy, our descent and our descendants.​ 

    Aho is a creative studio that explores connections between whenua (lands), peoples, cultures, indigineity and hybridity. We create products that celebrate an indigenous Aotearoa identity and aesthetic. It's our vision to fuse art with form and function. To create taonga, that tell our stories and reflect our whakapapa, into our everyday lived environments. 

    Our Kaupapa

    Our Kaupapa

    We strive to keep whakapapa- the connections between people, environments and processes at the centre of our philosophy, which means for us, seeking out and employing processes, practices and materials that are sustainable and that ensures a better future for the people and the environments involved. 

    We believe that our lands, resources and culture belong not only to us, but to our tamariki (children), and theirs'. Mō tātou, ā, mō kā uri ā muri ake nei  – For us and our children after us.

    Our Ethic

    Our Ethic

     As Kaitiaki (guardians) of this whenua, and planet, we've made a commitment to working with sustainable, ethically sourced, organic and natural fibres. We work with a team in India who practice fair trade and who share our aspirations for tino-rangatiratanga (self determination) for themselves and their whānau. We're committed to understanding our business practices from a whakapapa-lens. Learning and recognising our connection to the things we use and consume, their origins, whenua (lands), maunga (mountains), iwi (people) and kaitiaki (guardians)

    He Pānui

    • July 28, 2021 Our tentative first steps into sustainable Kākahu made in Aotearoa. (Part 1)
      Our tentative first steps into sustainable Kākahu made in Aotearoa. (Part 1) The dream of a truely sustainable Aho Kākahu collection has been a pipedream for many years- since before Aho really became Aho.
      The appreciation of beautiful clothes, textiles, silhouette, structure and style has been one I've carried for a lifetime- but the complete lack of know-how to get the pipe-dream from dream to reality has had it on the back burner forever.
      This year, we decided to give it a go- to literally jump in the deep end without much clue about either how to swim, who could direct us or where the current might take us. This is the story of our journey so far in creating fair trade, sustainable, organic, locally manufactured kākahu that both reflect our values and our aesthetic.
    • May 21, 2021 Aho, the journey
      Aho, the journey
      AHO launched nearly 5 years ago. Not with bubbles, lights and a flash website, but with aching legs, a tired Māmā-to-be ,from our couch, late one evening in suburban Otautahi.
      5 years later, it's the same, but different.
      Come and check out our brand new video to learn a little more about the journey!
    • September 16, 2020 Some musings on the ideals vs. realities in creating a kaupapa driven business
      Some musings on the ideals vs. realities in creating a kaupapa driven business
      If I were to attempt to describe Aho, I think I'd classify it more as an idealists' project than a business. Somewhere along the way we've become a 'business', but our foundations started in dreams for our Tamāhine, and as a bit of a reaction against a current that felt at odds with our values and our desire to enact a life built on kaupapa Māori values.
    • June 19, 2020 On Blood Quantum and Belonging.
      On Blood Quantum and Belonging.
      The journey of becoming tau and settled in your own skin is a part of the human experience, But the journey of discovering, immersing and learning a culture that you've not been raised in,  sitting in discomfort and insecurity as you learn, and the gradual sense of belonging and calm that inches gradually closer is an experience all to familiar to many of us.

      That question of self that resides deep within your pito. 
      Who am I? How do I belong? Ko wai au? Nō hea au?