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Ngā mihi o te tau hou, We're back in our studio and workshop with a New Year and fresh energy and plans! Ngā mihi o te tau hou, We're back in our studio and workshop with a New Year and fresh energy and plans!



How much does shipping cost?

Shipping in NZ costs a flat rate of $8.50 per order excluding a select range of products including our wooden platters and window film due to their dimensions)

Shipping internationally is charged based on the weight of your purchase, so increases incrementally depending on your order. The rates for your specific order will appear at checkout.

How long does shipping take?

Within New Zealand our standard shipping is overnight delivery, however we usually only ship Monday, Wednesday, so you should receive your purchase within 2-3 days of having placed your order.


Our standard shipping to Australia is a a tracked courier service which has an estimated 3-8 day delivery timeframe. When your item is dispactched from Aho HQ you are able to track its progress.

Our standard international shipping is an untracked air-mail service. This has an estimated delivery time of 10 working days (so if you factor in weekends, that might be 2-2.5 weeks).

If you require a faster/ tracked service, there are alternative options available at checkout.

My parcel has not arrived/ has been misdelivered/ is damaged on arrival

You will receive your parcel tracking details via email as soon as the courier collects it from us.

You are then able to track it at every stage until it is delivered. If your parcel is showing as delivered but you have not received it, we recommend you contact the courier directly at 0800 COURIER, quote your tracking number and they are best placed to help immediately and/or launch an investigation.

If you are unable to resolve your delivery, please email us at

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship internationally. Options are available and appear at checkout.

You've sold out of a design- when will you be getting more?

Each of our designs is a limited print release. We release new designs every few months in new colours and designs. This keeps the design process interesting and exciting for us. Unfortunately, it also means that once something is sold out- its all gone and we're unlikely reproduce it exactly the same.

Do you wholesale?

Currently sell exclusively through our website as this allows us to keep our margins lower- and therefore, the cost affordable. As a small business, we dance a fine line as we want our products to be ethically made, organically grown, and affordable for whānau.

This being said, we do often partner with like minded kaupapa who share our values- so if you think that's you, get in touch and we're happy to kōrero!

Do you have laybuy/afterpay/etc, or will you get it?

No we don't, and after much thinking about it, we probably won't. Why? A few reasons. We're not really sold on the buy-now-pay-later philosophy that they encourage.The whole buy-now-pay-later philosophy feels a little too much like the exact description of what we're doing to Papatūānuku (our earth, mother, and home)- enjoying short term thrills, without thinking about what that means for the world our tamariki (children) will inherit. Environmentally, socially, politically and even economically.

As a business we want to be as mindful as possible, and allow you that freedom too.

We don't have flash sales that'll encourage you to impulse purchase. We want you to take the time to think about what you're buying, and to really want it. We're a bit old school- and think that saving up for something gives you a much greater appreciation of it, than that quick dopamine hit that comes with an impulse purchase.

If you're worried about missing out on a product, send us an email, and we're happy to put it aside for you if you'd like to save up or do a kind of old-school lay-by.

Another reason we're not super keen relates to the business model these companies are built on. Essentially, they make 80-90% of their profits from penalising late payments. So fining people, who couldn't really afford a product to begin with. Doesn't seem that ethical to us.

And lastly, it comes down to economics for us. Although if you pay on time, as a consumer it won't cost you to use these services, but it will cost the company you purchase from, around 5% of the sale price. Which means that companies have to build in an additional 5% to their price, just in case you use this service- so charging everyone more! We'd really like to keep our prices as low and as affordable as possible.

I have a kaupapa that we feel AHO would align with, can you support us?

Ae, please send us a message or an email and we can discuss your kaupapa further.