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Mini Mihi Cards, Free Printable Rauemi

Mini Mihi Cards, Free Printable Rauemi

Together with our friends at Reo Māori Mai, we've been dreaming up ways to include a little more Te Reo Māori into our day to day gestures. 

They say it’s the small things that count - ahakoa he iti, he pounamu - and we can’t help but agree. Sometimes it’s the smallest gesture of kindness and love that can make your day, a moment of aroha to hold on to. With that in mind, we have created these mini mihi cards as a tohu of aroha. There are so many ways you can use these cards to share mihi with your loved ones - in their lunchbox, under their pillow, as a gift tag on a koha or bunch of putiputi, and more.

This free printable is one a4 page that contains 9 small home-printable mini mihi cards with the below Te Reo Māori phrases

The cards include:

1) Kei te whitinga o te rā, nui te aroha mōhou - My sunshine, I love you so much 

2) E te tau, kia hari, kia koa tēnei rangi - Darling, have a great day 

3) Nōu te rā e te piki kōtuku - The day is yours, my love 

4) E poho kererū ana ahau i a koe - I am so proud of you 

5) He puna aroha e kore e mimiti mōu e te kuru pounamu - My love for you is endless, my dear 

6) Kei te kuru auhuka, ka tāria tō hokinga mai - My darling, I can't wait til you're back

7) E taku māpihi maurea, mei kore ake koe - My love, I couldn't be without you

8) Pai tū, pai hinga - You got this, no matter what

9) Kei te kuku o taku manawa xx - My love xx


We wanted to make these rauemi as accessible as possible, and so have created two versions. This free printable sheet, and for those of you who prefer the conveniece of a readymade, you can purchase the cards here.


This free printable is brought to you by our Aho x Mai Collaboration.

AhoMai is a collaboration between Aho Creative and Reo Māori Mai - two Kāi Tahu whanaunga who have dreams of weaving reo, design and te ao Māori into everyday whānau life in fun, practical and beautiful ways. We have been lucky enough to be supported by Te Mātāwai in creating and delivering our initial suite of rauemi/resources. It is through this support that we have been able to ensure that the rauemi we are providing are affordable and accessible to as many whānau as possible.


Check out @reomaorimai on Instagram and Facebook for pronunciation support with these mihi if you’d like to also have a go saying them to each other.

Ps. we'd love to see how you use your free printable. Please tag us on instagram and share with us on Facebook!


To download the free files to print, just enter your email in the box below and we'll send you the pdf's directly.


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Nōu te rā, Māmā. A free printable+colourable card.

Nōu te rā, Māmā. A free printable+colourable card.
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He Koha
The silly season is upon us and we know how intense this time of year can be.
So in the spirit of giving - and in the hopes of easing some of the pressure - we got together again with our friends at Reo Māori Mai and we've put together a couple of printable freebies we think you might like. 
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Tuku mihi Free Printable Card

Tuku mihi Free Printable Card

'Kei te toka tū moana- mei kore ake koe?'

Loosely interpreted, this card reads:
‘To the rock in the ocean who withstands storms-
Where would I be without you?’

This card is a free rauemi created in collaboration between Reo Māori Mai and Aho Creative- two Kāi Tahu whanaunga who have dreams of weaving reo, design and te ao Māori into everyday whānau life, in fun, practical and beautiful ways. Just head over to our website 'Rauemi/Resources' Page and download the files to print. Continue reading