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End of collection clearance

Just as seasons come to a close, so too are our Fabric and Cushion cover collections.

It has been a joy bringing these offerings to you however we have decided to retire these products. 

One of our unwavering values since we began is not buying into the fast fashion culture of 'sales'. Our goal has always been to pay a fair and sustainable wage for top spec materials and quality, and sell it at a price that is as accessible as possible and means that we can remain viable and sustainable as a business.

And so for the first and only time ever, we offer you these collections at clearance prices. It's our equivalent of 'we're closing down this part of our pakihi and eveything must go'.

We are unable to exchange clearance items.

We will not be manufacturing our Cushion or Fabric collections again as we hone in on new creative directions for our pakihi.