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Custom Tohu (Exterior)
Custom Tohu (Exterior)
Custom Tohu (Exterior)
Custom Tohu (Exterior)

Custom Tohu (Exterior)


Small ( 7 characters or fewer)
Large (8-14 Characters)

These tohu are made from NZ Pine treated to sustain outdoor conditions, they measure 30cm x 15cm x 2cm, and are a lovely addition to your kāinga, setting the tone for manuhiri before they set foot indoors.

Invite manuhiri in with a 'Kia ora', 'Nau Mai', your whānau name, or anything that takes your fancy.

There are two sizes you can select from.

Small: 30cm x 15cm x 2cm, this length is suitable for names 7 characters or fewer.

Large: 38cm x 15cm x 2cm, This length is suitable for names 8-14 characters long.

* characters include spaces, so if your name has a space in it, that space will count as one character.

Each piece is sealed with a natural oil to protect and enhance the wood grain.

As we are working with salvaged materials, each piece is different and will have a unique appearance.

Once you have placed your order, please reply to the order confirmation email with the name you would like carved.
Please allow 2 weeks for these taonga to be created and sent to you.

These one-of-a-kind taonga are created in Taranaki and were dreampt up during the Rāhui as a part of a whānau collaboration with our bro Tapatoru Design.

They are the first in a series of explorations in NZ-made from repurposed, salvaged or up-cycled materials.


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