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Face Mask - Teracotta Pink
Face Mask - Teracotta Pink
Face Mask - Teracotta Pink
Face Mask - Teracotta Pink

Face Mask - Teracotta Pink


The Aho face mask takes the best lessons from reusable-washable face maskanalysis and combines them to provide a comfortable and practical face covering.

While the Aho Masks are not respirators or medical devices, they are designed to protect you and those around you by reducing the chance of exposure to droplets from breathing, speaking, coughing or sneezing. 

We’d like to stress they should be used in conjunction with regular handwashing, social distancing and cleaning.


  • 3 Ply Mask including
    • Outer layer: 1 layer of a tightly woven 100% organic cotton sateen
    • Middle layer : 1 Layer of melt-blown filter protection
    • Inner layer: 1 layer of a soft, absorbent 100% organic jersey knit cotton
  • Adjustable ear elastic to accommodate different face shapes more comfortably
  • A contoured chin piece to ensure a snugger fit around your face
  • High Breathability
  • Machine Washable
  • Endlessly Reusable

Mask Care:

We recommend that you wash with soap and dry between every wear.

Wash with soap or sanitize before wearing your mask, and again after removing it.

Please do not iron, bleach or share.


Our masks are one size fits most. Feedback from customers regarding fit suggest that they are best suited for small to medium sized faces, and may not be suitable for long faces.

Please note: This is not an N95 mask or a respirator and is designed for general public use, not for use in a medical situation. We cannot guarantee wearing this mask will eliminate the risk of infection or contracting a disease.

For hygiene reasons we are unable to offer returns or replacement.


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Customer Reviews

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Melanie Jane

Hi I purchased 2 face masks one green and the other terracotta. The green one is lovely and comfortable and sits well so as not to steam up my glasses but the terracotta one is not such a comfortable fit. It hurts my ears and my glasses are steaming up. The elastic is also starting to come apart where it joins the fabric. So sorry not so happy with this mask. The fabric is lovely but the fit is not so good.