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Aho Kāinga

Aho Kāinga

Aho Kāinga celebrates our unique style, ethic and cultural identity in Aotearoa.

Weaving together ideas of whakapapa (geneology), kaupapa Māori (a Māori worldview) and distinctive New Zealand aesthetics, into pieces that are not only beautiful and practical, but can honour and empower our cultural identity and the inheritance of our tamariki.​

The designs are inspired by te taiao (natural environment), whakataukī (proverbs), whakairo (customary carving) and kōwhaiwhai (customary paintings).

Aho Pēpi

Aho Pēpi is the weaving together of whakapapa inspired design, sustainable materials and ethical production into pieces that are not only beautiful, practical and safe for Pēpi, but also contribute to protecting and nurturing the world they will one day inherit.

Our Aho Pēpi Muslin Wraps, designed in Aotearoa, are made from 100% organic, fair trade cotton.

In their production, we work with a team in India who practice kaitiakitanga (environmental stewardship), ensuring that the process is sustainable for both the whenua (land and environments) and the people who grow and sew the materials.

We use organic fabrics, non-toxic dyes and work with a team who practice fair trade.