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Custom Tohu (Exterior)
Custom Tohu (Exterior)
Custom Tohu (Exterior)

Custom Tohu (Exterior)


These tohu are made from NZ Pine treated to sustain outdoor conditions, they measure 30cm x 15cm x 2cm, and are a lovely addition to your kāinga, setting the tone for manuhiri before they set foot indoors.

Invite manuhiri in with a 'Kia ora', 'Nau Mai', your whānau name, or anything that takes your fancy.

Just write us an email once you've purchased with your requirements and we can make it happen.

AT THIS TIME WE CAN ONLY ACCEPT WORDS 7 LETTERS OR FEWER (This includes any spaces between words, for example 'Nau Mai' is 7 letters long).

Their timeless design and quality workmanship will endure for many years to come.

Each piece is sealed with a natural oil to protect and enhance the wood grain.

Once you have placed your order, please allow 2 weeks for these taonga to be created and sent to you.

These one-of-a-kind taonga are created in Taranaki and were dreampt up during the Rāhui as a part of a whānau collaboration with our bro Tapatoru Design.

They are the first in a series of explorations in NZ-made from repurposed, salvaged or up-cycled materials.